You Know You’re A Bad Cook When…


You Know You’re A Bad Cook When…


My mother and father have asked that I spend more time with my grandmother as she hasn’t been looking well lately. I agree and figure a good thing would be to bring her food and maybe tidy up her house a little. I call her on a Saturday.

Me: “Hi, Grandma, how are you?”

Grandma: “Oh, not great. Been feeling dizzy and I don’t eat much.”

Me: “Well, how about I bring some haluski? I got a great recipe that uses bacon and it’s pretty good if I may say so myself!”

Grandma: “That sounds good. Maybe you can come Monday.”

Me: “Sounds like a plan, love you!”

Grandma: “Love you.”

Two hours later, my mom texts me that my grandfather has taken Grandma to the ER because she got dizzy enough that she couldn’t stand or walk without aid. As a family, we tend to joke a bit to deal with stressful news, so when I see my sister on Sunday, I know the perfect joke.

Me: “I guess the thought of eating my cooking was enough to send her to the hospital!”

It made my sister laugh because she doesn’t usually eat what I make and it helped to relieve a bit of stress. We’re still waiting to hear about Grandma, as she’ll be in the hospital for a bit, so send good vibes, please!


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