The Sigh Of Relief Heard Around The World


The Sigh Of Relief Heard Around The World.


I’m Home From University During My First Year.


I’m Out With Some Friends From My Hometown, Catching Up Over A Few Drinks.


I Get A Text Message From My Girlfriend.


I Read The Preview Line Of The Message.


Preview: “Oh, My God, I Think I’m Pregnant…”


My Heart Stops, My Blood Runs Cold, And The Bottom Drops Out Of My Stomach.


We’re Both Only Eighteen And We Have Only Been Dating A Month Or Two.


Neither Of Us Is In A Position To Be Having A Child.


Not To Mention, The Few Times We Have Been Intimate, We’ve Taken Sufficient Precautions, So The Question Of How This Might Have Happened Is Also Racing Through My Mind.


I Open The Conversation To Read The Rest Of The Message And Begin To Formulate A Response. And Then, I Read The Full Text.


Message: “Oh, My God, I Think I’m Pregnant With An Indian Food Baby. I Have Eaten So Much Curry! How’s Your Night Going? Xxx”


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