Love Is Blind To Only So Much!


Love Is Blind To Only So Much!


My friend sets me up on a blind date with a friend of hers. She describes her as a good match for me so i agree to go.


On the date, the girl is distant. When she actually speaks, she is very disagreeable, announcing her opinion rather than making a discussion. We end the date with general pleasantries, and I pay and leave with no mention of going any further.


I don’t see my friend for a few days, but when I do, the first thing she wants to know is:


Friend: “how did it go?”


Me: “she seemed nice, but no spark.”


Friend: “really? She was saying that she had an amazing time and hopes to see you again.”


Me: “she spent our whole date on her phone and wouldn’t make any conversation, at all.”


Friend: “she can be shy at times, but she really seemed to like you. She has struggled to find a guy she gets on with. Give her another chance.”


Me: “yeah, I'm not sure.”


Friend: “come on! She has even picked out a restaurant. I might have mentioned that you have been wanting to go to [steakhouse] for ages.”


Me: “well, that is true.”


Friend: “great! I will tell her you’re free.”


I’m not sure if I agree because I want to go, because I want steak, or because my friend pushes me into it. But a week or so later, I meet the girl again at the steakhouse.


Again, she spends pretty much the whole date on her phone or eating in silence. I make conversation where I can and ask about her hobbies, holidays, and ambitions, but i get one- or two-word replies, and she doesn’t ask anything of me.


She only seems to smile when she drinks her champagne.


Fed up, I eat my meal and go to the bar to order drinks.


Me: “can I pay for my meal here?”


Bartender: “sure, that one over there?”


Me: “yeah, but can I just pay for my half?”


Bartender: “bad date?”


Me: “you have no idea. I will let her know.”


Bartender: “probably best if you let us handle it. She has been in here before. She often throws her drink at the guy; sometimes it’s still in the glass. Back door is that way.”


I thanked him and disappeared. My friend swore she didn’t know when she set me up. But i still haven’t been on a blind date since.


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