Thank Goodness He’s A Then-Boyfriend and Not A Now-Boyfriend

I trip up some stairs and do damage to my foot, resulting in some pain in my toes which is particularly bad when the middle toe is touched.

My then-boyfriend decides to start tickling me starting on my good foot.


He then moves on to my bad foot that I’ve complained about pretty much daily since doing it.


Me: *Sitting up* “Ah, be careful with that foot. Especially my toes! Please don’t touch them.”


Boyfriend: “I won’t!”


I relax somewhat — as much as you can when being tickled — as he focuses on gently tickling the sole of my bad foot.

Then, out of the blue, he outright squeezes my middle toe — the one that’s the worse when touched.

I shriek in pain and immediately pull myself into a sort of foetal position, trembling, with tears forming from the pain.

He then bursts into tears, sitting on the floor next to the bed. I’m concerned that I might have kicked him accidentally when I moved.


Me: “Are you okay?”


Boyfriend: “I hurt you! Oh, God. I feel so baaaad.”


This continues. I’m confused and still in a lot of pain.


Me: “You’re crying? Why?”


Boyfriend: “I hurt you! I’m the worst! I’m evil! I’m disgusting!”


Me: “It’s okay, I’m okay. I just wasn’t… I’m okay.”


I spend some time reassuring him that everything is okay, and it ends with me leaning over the bed so I can hug him, despite being in pain. It suddenly hits me.


Me: “Why am I consoling you when I’m the one in pain?”


Boyfriend: “Because I feel so baaaad about it!”


Me: *Straightening* “You… purposely squeezed my bad foot. Why did you do that?”


Boyfriend: “I feel bad!”


Me: “But why did you squeeze?”


Boyfriend: *Huffing* “Stop making this about you! I feel awful and you don’t care! You’re just making me feel worse!

Can’t you see how bad you’re making me feel? How could you be like this? I’m going for a drive to calm down!”


He slammed out of the room and I heard him leave the house.

He texted me “dark thoughts” he’s having throughout his drive, which had me apologizing and backing down.

However, the nagging feeling about him never actually apologizing for it and knowing he did it intentionally stuck with me.

A few months and repeated instances later, we broke up.


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