Give Her Booze and She Gives You Boos!


Give Her Booze and She Gives You Boos!


I am a waitress in a Mexican restaurant.


We have so few alcohol sales that a few months before this, we gave up our liquor distributor license.


We don’t sell enough alcohol to pay for the registration and hassle.


I’m seating a couple, and getting them started.


Me: “And anything to drink tonight?”


Wife: “I’ll have a margarita.”


Me: “We don’t sell alcohol.


All our drinks are virgin, so is a virgin margarita, okay?”


Wife: *Sighing dramatically* “What other options do I have?”


I list other options including water, horchata, soft drinks, and some other mocktails and non-alcoholic beers.


Wife: “Fine, I’ll have the virgin margarita.”


Later, after I’ve brought out their drinks, they flag me down.


Wife: “I am tasting this margarita, and I think it has alcohol.


I specifically requested a virgin.”


Me: “Ma’am, I can assure you that your drink is virgin.”


Wife: “I am tasting alcohol.


I think your bartender messed up.”


Me: “We don’t have a bartender, as we don’t have alcohol.


I mixed the drink myself.”


Wife: “I tasted alcohol.


There is alcohol, and my drink should be virgin.


I want the drink taken off my bill.”


Me: “There is no alcohol on the premises.


It is impossible for there to be alcohol in your drink.”


Wife: “I say that there’s alcohol in this drink.


You must have forgotten to tell them that I wanted a virgin.”


Me: “Ma’am, there is no alcohol in it.


There is no alcohol anywhere in the building.”


She asked to speak to the manager, who backed me up.


She ended up paying but then wrote a review about how her drink had alcohol when she specifically requested a virgin.


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