Bullet Dodged!

 Bullet Dodged!

I was bullied in middle school for my grades and my looks.

I was a very short, shy, overweight girl. I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that can cause delayed puberty and growth.

Once I was put on meds to regulate the condition, I was much better.

By the time I hit twenty-one, I look very different than I did as a teenager due to my hormones finally working properly.

One of the guys that used to bully me adds me on social media. I believe in second chances, so i add him. About two minutes later, I get a private message.

Guy: “hey, what’s up?”

Me: “studying for finals. You?”

Guy: “oh, nothing much.”

I go back to my exam review. A few minutes later, i get another message.

Guy: “d***, you grew up good. Real good.”

Me: “um… thanks?”

Guy: “you were super awkward-looking in middle school. But i see that’s not a problem anymore.”

Me: “not really sure what to say to that.”

Guy: “I’m complimenting you. Not used to that?”

Me: “it’s kinda backhanded, don’t you think? We were all awkward in middle school.”

Guy: “geez, lighten up. I’m paying you a compliment. You should say thank you.”

Me: “yeah, no.”

Guy: “still uptight, nerdy, and b****y, i see.”

Me: “I’m deleting you now.”

Guy: “c’mon, give me a chance! I’m just having a bad day.”

Me: “nope. Bye!”

He was still typing when I blocked him.


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