35 Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts That Really Explain Everything

 35 Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts That Really Explain Everything

Here Is 35+ Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts That Really Explain Everything. Enjoy!

FACT#1: Beginnings And Ends Are Easier To Remember Than Middles.

FACT#2: Being Lonely Is Bad For Our Health.

FACT#3: Fear Can Feel Good—If We're Not Really In Danger.

FACT#4: "Catching" A Yawn Could Help Us Bond.

FACT#5: Food Tastes Better When Someone Else Makes It.

FACT#6: If We Have A Plan B, Our Plan A Is Less Likely To Work.

FACT#7: It Takes Five Positive Things To Outweigh A Single Negative Thing.

FACT#8: It's Not Just How Much Money We Make, It's How We Spend It.

FACT#9: Memories Are More Like Pieced-Together Pictures Than Accurate Snapshots.

FACT#10: Money Can Buy Happiness, But Only Up To A Certain Point.

FACT#11: Our Brain Doesn't Think Long-Term Deadlines Are So Important.

FACT#12: Our Brains Try To Make Boring Speeches More Interesting.

FACT#13: Our Brains Want Us To Be Lazy.

FACT#14: Our Favorite Subject Is Ourselves.

FACT#15: People Rise To Our High Expectations (And Don't Rise If We Have Low Ones).

FACT#16: Power Makes People Care Less About Others.

FACT#17: Putting Information In Bite-Sized Pieces Helps Us Remember.

FACT#18: Social Media Is Psychologically Designed To Be Addictive.

FACT#19: Some People Enjoy Seeing Anger In Others.

FACT#20: There's A Reason That Certain Color Combinations Are Hard On Your Eyes.

FACT#21: There's A Reason We Want To Squeeze Cute Things.

FACT#22: To Our Ancestors, Sugar And Fat Were Good Things.

FACT#23: Too Much Choice Can Become Paralyzing.

FACT#24: We (Unintentionally) Believe What We Want To Believe.

FACT#25: We Always Try To Return A Favor.

FACT#26: We Aren't As Good At Multitasking As We Think We Are.

FACT#27: We Automatically Second-Guess Ourselves When Other People Disagree.

FACT#28: We Can Convince Ourselves A Boring Task Was Fun If We Weren't Rewarded.

FACT#29: We Care More About A Single Person Than About Massive Tragedies.

FACT#30: We Keep Believing Things, Even When We Know They're Wrong.

FACT#31: We Look For Human Faces, Even In Inanimate Objects.

FACT#32: We Loosen Our Morals When An Authority Tells Us To.

FACT#33: We Will Always, Always, Always Find A Problem.

FACT#34: We'd Rather Know Something Bad Is Coming Than Not Know What To Expect.

FACT#35: We'd Rather Skew The Facts Than Change Our Beliefs About People.

FACT#36: We're Convinced That The Future Is Bright.

FACT#37: When One Rule Seems Too Strict, We Want To Break More.

FACT#38: When You Feel Like You're Low On Something (Like Money), You Obsess Over It.

FACT#39: You Remember Things Better If You've Been Tested On Them.

FACT#40: You're Programmed To Love The Music You Listened To In High School The Most.

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