30 Psychology FACTS Of LEFT-HAND People


30 Psychology FACTS Of LEFT-HAND People.

FACT#1:                        According To Research Left-Handed Likely To Have Allergies Than Most Of People.

FACT#2:                        According To Study Lefties Are 3 Times More Likely To Become Alcoholics – The Right Side Of The Brain Has A Lower Tolerance To Alcohol!

FACT#3:                        According To Tradition Myth, An Itchy Left Hand Indicates You Will Lose Money. An Itchy Right Hand Indicates You Will Receive Money.

FACT#4:                        Among The Eight Most Recent U.S Presidents, 4 Have Been Left-Handed College Graduates Go On To Become 26% Richer Than Right-Handed Graduates

FACT#5:                        August 13th Is “Left-Hander’s Day” Launched In 1996, This Yearly Event Celebrates Left-Handedness And Raises Awareness Of The Difficulties And Frustrations Left-Handers Experience Every Day In A World Designed For Right-Handers

FACT#6:                        Divergent Thinking Is One Area Left-Handed People Excel In When Compared To Right-Handed People.

FACT#7:                        Famous Left-Handed Intellectuals Include Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, And Benjamin Franklin.

FACT#8:                        In Many Islamic Countries, People Are Forbidden To Eat With Their Left Hand, Which Is Considered “Unclean” Because It Is Used For Cleaning The Body After Defecation.

FACT#9:                        Left Hand People Are Better At 3D Perception And Thinking.

FACT#10:                    Left Hand People Are Less Able To Roll Their Tongue Than A Righty.

FACT#11:                    Left Hand People Are More Likely To Be Insomniacs.

FACT#12:                    Left Hand People Are Tending To Reach Puberty 4 To 5 Months Later Than Right Hand.

FACT#13:                    Left Hand People Can Recover From Strokes Faster.

FACT#14:                    Left Hand People Make Up Roughly 12% Of The Population.

FACT#15:                    Left-Hand People Are More Likely To Get Angry.

FACT#16:                    Left-Handed Are More Prone To Migraines.

FACT#17:                    Left-Handed People Use The Right Side Of The Brain The Most Comparing To Right-Handed People.

FACT#18:                    Left-Handedness Is Twice As Common In Twins Than In The General Population.

FACT#19:                    Left-Handedness Runs In Families. Lefties In The British Royal Family Include The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, And Prince William.

FACT#20:                    Lefties Are Better At Multi-Tasking Than Right Handers

FACT#21:                    Lefties Are Good At Drawing Figures Facing To The Right.

FACT#22:                    Lefties Are More Adjust To Seeing Underwater Quicker.

FACT#23:                    Lefties Are More Likely To Be On Extreme Poles Of The Intelligence Scale

FACT#24:                    Lefties Are More Likely To Pursue Creative Careers.

FACT#25:                    Lefties Have A Twice As Likely To Be A Man.

FACT#26:                    Lefties Make Especially Good Baseball Players, Tennis Players, Swimmers, Boxers And Fencers (Almost 40% Of The Top Tennis Players Are Lefties)

FACT#27:                    Lefties Nails Grow Faster On The Left Hand Than The Right.

FACT#28:                    Most Lefties Are More Likely To Suffer Stuttering And Dyslexia.

FACT#29:                    On A QWERTY Keyboard There Are 1447 English Words Typed Solely With The Left Hand, Whilst Only 187 Are Typed With The Right Hand.

FACT#30:                    Studies Have Suggested That Left-Handers Are More Talented In Spatial Awareness, Math, And Architecture. Right-Handers Tend To Be More Talented Verbally.

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