25 Inspiring QUOTES About Moms To Celebrate MOTHER'S DAY!

25 Inspiring QUOTES About Moms To Celebrate MOTHER'S DAY!

Here Are 25 Inspiring Quotes About Moms To Celebrate Mother's Day! Enjoy!


#1:  All That I Am Or Ever Hope To Be, I Owe To My Angel Mother. —Abraham Lincoln

#2:  [A] Mother Is One To Whom You Hurry When You Are Troubled. —Emily Dickinson

#3:  [Motherhood Is] ‘Heart-Exploding, Blissful Hysteria.' —Olivia Wilde.

#4:  [Motherhood Is] The Biggest Gamble In The World. It Is The Glorious Life Force. It’s Huge And Scary—It’s An Act Of Infinite Optimism. —Gilda Radner.

#5:  [My Favorite Thing About Motherhood Is] That It’s Made Me Grow Into A Woman Finally, And I Finally Grew Up, Thank God. —Nicole Snooki Polizzi.

#6:  [My Mom] Had This Amazing Attitude In The Face Of Everything, Including When She Got Cancer. —Bill Clinton.

#7:  [My Mother] Always Said I Was Beautiful And I Finally Believed Her At Some Point. —Lupita Nyong’o.

#8:  [What’s Beautiful About My Mother Is] Her Compassion, How Much She Gives, Whether It Be To Her Kids And Grandkids Or Out In The World. She’s Got A Sparkle. —Kate Hudson.

#9:  [When] You’re Dying Laughing Because Your Three-Year-Old Made A Fart Joke, It Doesn’t Matter What Else Is Going On. That’s Real Happiness. —Gwyneth Paltrow.

#10:                      A Mother Is Not A Person To Lean On, But A Person To Make Leaning Unnecessary. —Dorothy Canfield Fisher.

#11:                      A Mother Is The Truest Friend We Have, When Trials Heavy And Sudden Fall Upon Us; When Adversity Takes The Place Of Prosperity; When Friends Desert Us; When Trouble Thickens Around Us, Still Will She Cling To Us, And Endeavor By Her Kind Precepts And Counsels To Dissipate The Clouds Of Darkness, And Cause Peace To Return To Our Hearts. ―Washington Irving.

#12:                      A Mother’s Arms Are Made Of Tenderness And Children Sleep Soundly In Them. —Victor Hugo.

#13:                      A Mother’s Arms Are More Comforting Than Anyone Else’s. —Princess Diana

#14:                      Acceptance, Tolerance, Bravery, Compassion. These Are The Things My Mom Taught Me. —Lady Gaga.

#15:                      As My Mom Always Said, ‘You’d Rather Have Smile Lines Than Frown Lines.’ —Cindy Crawford.

#16:                      Because I Feel That, In The Heavens Above / The Angels, Whispering To One Another, / Can Find, Among Their Burning Terms Of Love / None So Devotional As That Of ‘Mother' —Edgar Allen Poe.

#17:                      Being A Mom Has Made Me So Tired. And So Happy. —Tina Fey.

#18:                      Being A Mother Is An Attitude, Not A Biological Relation. —Robert A Heinlein.

#19:                      Biology Is The Least Of What Makes Someone A Mother. —Oprah Winfrey.

#20:                      Don’t Listen To Anyone’s Advice. Listen To Your Baby … There Are So Many Books, Doctors, And Well-Meaning Friends And Family. We Like To Say, ‘You Don’t Need A Book. Your Baby Is A Book. Just Pick It Up And Read It.’ —Mayim Bialik.

#21:                      Everybody Wants To Save The Earth; Nobody Wants To Help Mom Do The Dishes. —P.J. O’Rourke.

#22:                      Having Children Just Puts The Whole World Into Perspective. Everything Else Just Disappears. —Kate Winslet.

#23:                      I Believe In The Strength And Intelligence And Sensitivity Of Women. My Mother, My Sisters [They] Are Strong. My Mum Is A Strong Woman And I Love Her For It. —Tom Hiddleston.

#24:                      I Don’t Know If I Feel Like A Bad Mom, But At The End Of The Day I’m Always Plagued With, Did I Do Enough? Should I Go In A Different Direction? But I Also Know That My Entire Life Revolves Around [My Son] Louis. —Sandra Bullock.

#25:                      I Don’t Think Of Myself As A Terribly Confident Person. But I Have A Survival Mechanism That Was Instilled In Me By My Mother. —Naomi Watts. 


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